Who are we?

Feminine Enhanced Modern Inventions is a female founded tech startup on a mission to redefine safety for women and the LGBTQ+ community across South Africa. The company was founded in May 2020 by Caitlin Oelofsen. The purpose behind FEM-I is to build a company that leverages existing technology and communities in an effort to create sustainable, long term solutions to tackle the numerous threats to personal safety that South African women and the LGBTQ+ community face daily whilst simultaneously changing the current narrative of South Africans.

From victims to victors.

The FEM-I solution is the first part of Caitlin’s long-term plan to help South Africa progress socially and economically.

Why are we?

In a society and a world as advanced and developed as ours, it is unacceptable that we still need to be wary of their personal safety whilst in public spaces. FEM-I is on a mission to empower South Africans to be proactive when facing any threat to their personal safety. More so, we aim to provide a safe space for women and the LGBTQ+ community to support, encourage, care and share with one another.

Our Vision

“I want to empower women to step out of the mental narrative of the victim which we were forced into but have since kept ourselves in.” – Caitlin Oelofsen

And Our Solution?

Teaming up and combining resources, FEM-I and Skeg Product Development are creating what we call the FEM-I super network. 

We are building a proactive safety network that leverages community involvement and end-to-end IoT technology to build safer public environments and ultimately empower women to create a new narrative, where they are no longer victims. We are not at the point of full disclosure as of yet, but you will definitely want to watch this space. 

Meet The Team

Feminine Enhanced Modern Inventions in partnership with Skeg Product Development.

Caitlin Oelofsen – CEO at FEM-I

Caitlin is the founder & CEO of FEM-I. Caitlin founded the company in May 2020 and has been passionately working on product development and building a viable business model ever since whilst simultaneously building the FEM-I brand and driving the ongoing conversation around changing the narrative. 


Angelique Oelofsen – Social Media & Marketing Manager

Angelique is FEM-I’s social media and marketing manager. Angelique officially joined the FEM-I team in January 2022 and is responsible for designing all of FEM-I’s social media content as well as initiating numerous campaigns for FEM-I in an effort to raise awareness about Gender Based Violence happening in South Africa today.

Danielle Burger – Financial Consultant

Danielle officially joined the FEM-I team in January 2022 on a consultation basis. Danielle assists in managing the financial aspects of the company which includes financial forecasting, building revenue models and budgeting. Danielle is an aspiring CA(SA).


Jess Kulenthal – Service Designer at SKEG

Jess is the previous project manager for the FEM-I Proof of Value project. Jess now works with Skeg on a consultation basis and plays a vital role in all aspects of product development for the FEM-I Safety Network. 


Roxy Farrugia – Mechatronics Engineer at SKEG

 Roxy is the Mechatronics engineer behind the software and hardware created for the FEM-I intervention for the proof of value pilot project and has been instrumental in the transition of the FEM-I intervention from concept to physical reality. 


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