Welcome to the FEM-I INVOLVE page.

We have designed this page to recognize and support several organizations/NGO’s that are doing amazing work and could use YOUR help. These organizations are doing incredible work to tackle issues like Gender Based Violence, poverty and lack of education. It is our goal to help them by uniting them with individuals who want to make a difference by either volunteering, donating or spreading awareness.

Please let them know that you found them through the FEM-I website when making any donation or volunteering, this will help us grow our trusted network.

Instagram: @langaformen
Gofundme: Campaign

Langa for men

Langa was founded in August 2019 by two young men. They have been working tirelessly ever to end Gender Based Violence. Instead of treating the symptoms, founders Luyolo and Siyabonga have made a decision to treat the cause. By educating the next generation of young males in South Africa on how to treat women, turning perpetrators into “protect-hers.”

They also provide valuable support to those affected by Gender Based Violence in Langa township and they use their social media platform to spread awareness on important topics. They are doing incredibly important work and could use your help in acquiring the resources they need to expand their organization.

Philisa Abafazi Bethu

Female founded NGO based in Lavender Hill community, working to end Gender Based Violence through a host of different community programs and women’s support groups. Lucinda Evans is the founder of Philisa Abafazi Bethu and she is on a mission to empower and protect women and children affected by violence.

A vital part of Philisa Abafazi Bethu’s mission is to challenge the cultural norms and beliefs that keep women chained in the role of victim. Lavender Hill offers a place of hope and support to those who are trapped in intolerable situations.

Instagram: silentrightssa
Facebook: SilentRightsSA

Silent Rights

An organization established in 2020 for the fight against Domestic Violence and Gender-Based Violence.

We’re about bringing women from all walks of life together, to support each other, to help each other, and to stand together united in the fight against Women Abuse.

We are creating awareness.

We are offering help to victims at no cost.

We are supporting each other.

We are educating people about abuse.


WhatsApp 079 027 9954

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