1. What is FEM-I’s mission/vision?

Good Question! FEM-I longs to see a South Africa where women and children are safe. Everyone has access to education, basic necessities and jobs. The government works for the people, not against them and they use their resources to improve and sustain the country’s infrastructure.

2. How does FEM-I work?

FEM-I is focused on creating a solution that has a lasting positive impact by providing customers with a proudly South African eco-system enabled by an array of custom-built products supplemented by job creation. We also support several important foundations with similar visions for our country such as those who are raising awareness around important topics like Gender Based Violence and giving aid to those affected by it.

3. Who is FEM-I for?

FEM-I is for all South Africans. The solution is designed to empower women, promote social responsibility and create job opportunities. The product will include various stakeholders who will work together, using our products and software to create a strong network that will not only make South Africa a safer space but also strengthen our communities and boost our economy.

4. What makes FEM-I unique?

Our solution is a hybrid of product and community. Community input and insights determine the direction and implementation of our products. The product itself makes up just a small piece of a much larger, more intricate system and network that includes individuals, businesses and communities. Our approach is a proactive one and our aim is to encourage social responsibility among South Africans whilst solving one of the most pressing problems our society faces.

5. Who are the designers/manufacturers?

Skeg is our fantastic product design partner. They are passionate about helping entrepreneurs (like me) create meaningful products that ultimately have a positive impact on our world.

6. How can you get involved?

We love that you asked that! There are several ways you can get involved.

1. Join our community:

By joining our community, you can assist us in growing our network which ultimately allows us to create a safe online space where women can uplift and support one another.

You can join us by signing up and becoming a member on our website.

You can also get involved by following us on Facebook and Instagram and engaging with us there. 

2. Volunteer:

Head over to our INVOLVE page to find out more about volunteering or donating to some FEM-I supported charities and organizations that are working hard to empower women in numerous ways.

3. Become a Registered Agent:

If you are passionate about safety and want to actively earn a living by making our country a safer place then send us an email at femipty@gmail.com to find out more.